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1200 Watt Mining Power Supply For Antminer E3 / L3 / X3 (110v-220v) Submitted by admin on Wed, 10/02/2019 - 21:38

   1200 Watt Server PSU for Antminer L3+ (on 110V) or L3+/Avalon A741/D3 (on 220V) No more flimsy breakout boards! We are experienced bitcoin miners/engineers who offer you power systems we know to work well in actual use. Reliability : Our wiring and PSU choices have proved themselves in 24/7/365 harsh condition operations at 100% duty cycle. Ease of use : No screwing around with din terminals and wire strippers. Just plug it and turn it on! Value : When you add it all up, we come ahead of any breakout board (and way ahead of Bitmain's own power supplies). And now, onward with the ...